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The Camloc range of fasteners includes an extensive range of quick release fasteners, tension latches and door locks, hinges and handles. Camloc products provide exceptionally strong and reliable fastening of panels, doors and hatches which need to be regularly removed and re-attached such as maintenance panels or access hatches.

Typical applications include maintenance panelling, access hatches, external components or any applications where quick removal and re-attachment is required.


Quick Access Solutions

Quick Release Fasteners and tension latches from Camloc provide a strong and effective joining solution for panelling, access or maintenance panels where quick removal and re-attachment is necessary for maintenance or repair.

Door Access Solutions

Door Access Solutions

The Camloc range has recently been extended to include door access solutions including a wide selection of secure locks with numerous feature options, a wide range of hinges and a series of robust handles.

Keensert © Solid Inserts

Keensert © Solid inserts

The Camloc range of Keensert solid inserts have the ability to significantly increase load bearing capabilities in weaker materials with special keys to lock the insert in place.

Keenserts offer high resistance to torque-out and pull-out.



Camloc's experienced design team has the capability to develop and produce parts according to your requirements.

Camloc can provide you with the perfect solution within the required time-frame and on budget.


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Schliessen About Arconic Fastening Systems

Fastening solutions for agricultural machinery.

Arconic Fastening Systems was established in 2002 with the intention of providing a complete range of robust fastening solutions for a wide range of manufacturers in the agricultural machinery industry and more.

The Arconic Fastening Systems product range currently offers the greatest breadth and depth of fastening solutions available including: self-locking nuts, quick-release fasteners, draw latches, door access systems, wire thread and solid inserts, lock-bolts & structural blind fasteners.

Our range of fasteners can be used to provide strong joints which are permanent and tamper-proof as well as those where quick access for maintenance is required and fasteners need to be frequently removed and re-installed. But all of the fasteners in our range have one thing in common: Quality assurance. All of our fasteners are manufactured and tested according the highest quality standards and procedures. We understand that our fasteners can be critical in providing safe joints for your final products.

Benefits of working with Arconic Fastening Systems:

  • Vast experience in a myriad of markets including agriculture
  • A huge range of different fastener brands and products available
  • Focus on providing excellent, safe products and exceptional service